About us

Nicole Sellars headshotTV Hosting Academy is a boutique style media training and demo reel production group for aspiring  Journalists, TV Hosts, Vloggers, Celebrities & Professionals getting ready for air. TV Hosting Academy travels to businesses and schools offering top media coaching on location, holds Broadcasting Bootcamps for more intensive training and offers Skype sessions for one on one attention.

TV Hosting Academy was founded by Nicole Sellars; a veteran TV News Anchor, Host, Reporter and Producer in the #1 News Market in the country for over a decade. Sellars worked both behind the scenes and in front, building a well rounded set of skills to pass on to her clients. See her RAVE REVIEWS here!

“We’ve done something really special. We’ve combined professional coaches, producers and branding experts to help professionals land their dream job on TV or prepare them for their next TV appearance.”

-Nicole Sellars
Founder TV Hosting Academy, LLC

With her extensive news and production background, former AOL News Host, NBC Digital Trend Reporter & MTV Promos Producer Nicole Sellars knows how to grab the attention of news directors and producers. Not only is top notch training essential but so is your demo reel! Without it, applicants won’t even be considered.

Are you ready for your close-up?