TV Host Training & Media Consultation Services

Broadcasting Bootcamp

TV Hosting Academy teams up with high schools, colleges, acting schools and more to offer this hands on TV news and hosting intensive! Can be held weekly or over a weekend. Broadcasting Bootcamp covers all aspects of the broadcast news and hosting industry; how to break-in, the skills necessary to succeed, how to land your first TV job and much, much more! To inquire about Broadcasting Bootcamp coming to your location please reach out to Nicole Sellars directly at

Private Skype Sessions

Clients have really come to love the convenience of scheduled Skype sessions to discuss career goals, strategies, perfecting their news writing skills, creative concepts, on-air delivery and more! Our client return rate is at 99% as most clients feel they have a variety of needs that can’t all be covered in one hour or weekend!

TV Hosting Demo Reels˜

The talent is only as good as their demo reel. If you’re looking to land that elusive TV job a demo reel is just as important as a resume. News Directors and Talent Agents need to see you on camera before they take a chance on you. TV Hosting Academy will guide you step by step on what your demo reel should consist of, the reasons why, how to create one and our top notch production crew can even shoot it for you! Get coached by the best in the business while on your shoot and get prepped via Skype weeks beforehand. Our highly experienced crew of professionals consist of elite videographers, on air hosts & reporters and cutting edge editors to provide you with a stand out demo reel!

Corporate Media Training:

Media Trainer Nicole Sellars will travel to your business location to advise key players within your company how to best prepare for media interviews, speak in sound bites for TV, how to present yourself on camera, how to handle the tough questions from a journalist and more! Sessions can tailored for small groups or individuals.

Business Profile Video:

Engage your website visitors (potential clients) with a cutting edge video explaining your product or service? Our crew will travel on location to create a 2-5 minute video incorporating key video, interviews, music, graphics, product demo, suitable music and voice-over. This promotional video can be displayed at expos, events, social media sites and used to drive traffic to your website via SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Cutting Edge Promos:

Customized :30 or :60 second promos created to generate buzz around a new product, service or business. Beauty shots, music, and graphics will be incorporated.