1.) The Modern MMP: Training Today’s Multimedia Personalities To Be On Brand and In Demand

Hosts, Broadcasters, Experts, Digital Content Producers. Today’s multimedia personality needs to be multi faceted, and encompass the essence of all those positions plus add their own unique flair. This is not easy to do…without the proper training. Talent agents, casting directors, networks and other talent recruiters are looking for someone who can do it all, in person and virtually. The days of traditional hosting are over. Join the MMP Movement today! Click the title to learn more.


  • TV Hosts, Broadcasters, Experts and Influencers

2.) Media Secrets: How to Become a Successful Media Personality  I made this self-paced course easily digestible for busy bees so they can lay down the foundation work to a successful on camera career. Click the title to learn more.

Here’s what you’ll learn in just 5 modules.

-What types of programming are out there and where you fit

-What goes into a submission package

-How to figure out your type & brand

-On Camera Skills

-How to connect to agents and casting

Click the title to learn more.


  • TV Hosts, Broadcasters, Experts and Influencers

3.) Media Secrets: How to Get Press & Camera-Ready Confidence in 30 Days 

Click the title to learn more.

In This LIVE Weekly Course You’ll Learn:

-HOW TO GET CAMERA READY CONFIDENCE 30 DAYS OR LESS WITH NO ON-CAMERA EXPERIENCE  I’ll walk you through my 3 C’s; CONFIDENCE, CHARISMA AND CONNECTION. This 3-step framework is proven to get camera shy entrepreneurs to confidently deliver their message and connect with their ideal audience 

-HOW TO SELECT A NICHE THAT SELLS In order to get a spot on a TV segment or in a popular publication you’ll need to know what niche types they’re looking for and  what type of content they need. We’ll discuss the importance of a brand and how to build the right one for you.

-HOW TO CONNECT WITH KEY PLAYERS Once you’re ready to pitch we’ll strategize with you who the key players are and how to connect with them.

-HOW TO SET UP YOUR IN HOME STUDIO FOR VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS & CONTENT CREATION We’ll cover the must have equipment, technology and storytelling skills to make your interview go off without a hitch! Look and sound professional with my SEGMENT methodology.


  • Experts, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

    4.) How to Pitch Yourself Mastermind     $100

    In this 45-minute (Pre-Recorded) Mastermind learn the ins and outs of how to pitch yourself without the huge expense of a publicist. We know what it’s like to be on a tight budget when you’re building your business. This webinar is jam packed with all the basics you need to know to get your own publicity for FREE!


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