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5 Reasons Why Actors Can Make Great TV Hosts

Unlike actors, TV hosts have to be one hundred percent themselves on camera. They absolutely cannot “act” like a host, or their career will be a short one. That is one of the biggest challenges for any performer looking to break into the hosting industry. But the good news is that actors have so many traits in common

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How to Launch Your TV News & Hosting Career

Your dream TV job doesn’t just have to involve acting—there’s a world of opportunity out there for television-related jobs. By Nicole Sellars, continue reading on Link:

Celebrity Photographer Reveals Secrets for the Perfect Headshot

New York based photographer Barry Morgenstein has been snapping celebs since 1987. His most notable clients include Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams and Olympia Dukakis. He has even built a huge newscaster following over the years, shooting the familiar faces of both local and national news including FOX news anchor Megyn Kelly and veteran journalist Jane Pauley. “I shoot

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